A Visit to ISRO

Almost every night we stare at the dark sky, forming figures out of the twinkling stars, observing the craters of the moon, watching meteor showers and a lot more,we see how beautiful the universe is. Stars, planets, asteroids, meteors, galaxies and so much more, all having their own specialties and beauty. Ever since we were keen to know about space, we always looked forward to visit ISRO –  India’s Pride.

On 5th February 2018 a part of our dream was accomplished. The Science Department of our school decided to take grade IX students to ISRO. That Monday morning, all of us comforted ourselves in the school buses which rode us to ISRO-Satellite Centre.

When we reached ISRO, we all were taken to a room where a scientist Dr. H. L. Srinivasa introduced himself and showed us a brief video on how satellites are made and launched. Then the scientist briefed us about the type of rockets that India launches for various purposes. It was an interesting session and indeed heartwarming to see Dr. H. L. Srinivasa beam with pride as he told that India’s knowledge and experience in space research has improved over the years because of consistent hard work.

H. L. Srinivasa had all praises about the two most important personalities behind ISRO’s growth Dr. Vikram Sarabhai (Founder of ISRO) and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (Ex- President of India). We even witnessed the making of a microsatellite and a rover which would go to the moon by the Chandrayan 2 planned to be launched in April 2018.

After that we were led to a place to see various models of satellites, the pictures taken of different places through satellite cameras, and many other things. Then they guided us back to the room where we had a question and answer session. Later the scientist explained the procedure of joining ISRO, the exams, the requirements and other things.

Dr. H. L. Srinivasa encouraged us to work hard so that we could pursue a career in space research and make bright future for ourselves. And we must say, a chill ran down our spine. It is not impossible to join ISRO, is it? Yes, if we put our best, one day we might be a part of it.

This day will remain unforgettable for our entire life. It was undoubtedly an incredible experience and we are fortunate enough of being a part of this learning experience to ISRO Space Centre and we couldn’t thank the School enough for it.

Written by Ayisha, Kushal of 9 A & Deepalya of 9 B


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