The School emblem has four parts: God Alone, the Cross, Torch and the Book. God Alone was the most favorite watch word of Montfort. His first love was for God the most powerful and compassionate. He had Him always in his thoughts and he did everything in union with Him. The Cross or suffering for Montfort was always a blessing in disguise, so much so he would cry out, “No cross, what a cross!” The Torch represents the light of Divine Truth which must guide us all through life. The Book stands for true knowledge or wisdom which has its source in God.

The School Motto is “RISE and SHINE!”The student is called upon to ‘rise and shine’, in every sphere of life. He/She has to be s shining light to lift it up on every front, so that it can attain to a culture of freedom, peace and harmony, leading to endless realms of liberation, development and prosperity.

Trues, this is a highly exalted goal not attainable by all – in fact attainable only by the truly enlightened very rare and exceptional individuals. However, everyone who makes an honest attempt can achieve this goal to a small degree, which can be of benefit to the nation in particular and humanity in general.