Dear Rev.Brother Principal,

Kudos to a wonderfully conducted Annual Sports Day – LAMOS 2018!

At the end of the event, you were so inundated with visitors and well-wishers complementing you on LAMOS that I decided to send you my wishes by email.


To me, this was my first ever LAMOS. 
Short, engaging and sweet was my first and lasting impression.

I count myself lucky to have seen a totally unoccupied, fully-decorated ground in the morning as I dropped off my elder son early to school.The whole ground was transformed to gaiety – befitting the festivities of the day that was yet to unfold. The bright flags, colourful buntings, festooned stadia and more, infused a celebratory mood in the eyes of all – particularly energising the younger ones.

The 4 competitive yet theme-based house displays were a thought-provoking visual treat for the audience besides being a collective effort of the house participants – aiming to score well as a team for their respective houses. The races for the parents and old students were inclusive events that were a hit – proven by overwhelming participations. 


The animal costumed races for the kindergarten kids was novel and the snacks served to the audience was indeed a personal touch.The candid speech delivered by the Chief Guest was nothing short of inspiring, resonating well with one and all and proving to be a great choice!

My wife, a good friend of ours and I  were collectively impressed by LAMOS particularly for the following reasons:

TIME: The continuity of events that seamlessly took place one after another without a delay. We also kept noticing that the events were often few minutes 

ahead of your Sports Day schedule – Hats off to being ahead and finishing off in time. A busy world has short attention spans and LAMOS capitalised well.

DISCIPLINE: Above all, we were very impressed with the over all discipline of the large contingent of students – all watching in silence, non-distracted and in a contributory role to schedules of the day. Every event went on in an orderly fashion spurred on by teaching staff and behind-the-scenes non-teaching staff who contributed well to the overall success of the event. Surprisingly, even the parents were quiet and watched with much attention – a rare sight at 
public events.

Personally for me, one of the big indicators of a good education is discipline – a trait that is meticulously built over the years, easy to lose and hard to come by these days. LAMOS had it in more than good measure! 

Congratulations to you Brother Principal and all the Lake Montfort staff and workers.

Best wishes,

Ryan D’Costa


Lake Montfort School Parent 
(Vaughn DCosta VI – B & Julian DCosta UKG – C)


Resident Vice President – Montfort Alumni Association, Yercaud.