Grade 2F Assembly (Trust in God)

Grade 5F Assembly (Save wild life)

Grade 2E Assembly (Hard work and success)

Grade 5E Assembly (Emotions)

Grade 2D Assembly ( Save water)

Grade 5D Assembly (Life is beautiful)

Grade 2C Assembly (Being patriotic)

Grade 5C Assembly ( World Radio Day-Old/New Generation)

Grade 2B Assembly (The Reflection)

Grade LKG-D Assembly (Fruits for healthy life)/Prize distribution

Grade 5B Assembly (Health is wealth)

Grade 2A Assembly (Value of Focus)

Grade 3F Assembly (Kindness)

Grade 5A Assembly (Incredible India)

Grade “LKG-B” (Pongal special assembly 14-01-20)

Grade 6E Assembly (Power of word)

Grade 3E Assembly (Forgiveness)

Grade 6D Assembly ( Plug in positivity don’t surrender)

Grade 3D Assembly (Unity)

Grade 6C Assembly (Things we Cann’t buy)

Grade 3C Assembly (The joy of giving)

Grade 6B Assembly (Disability)

Grade 6A Assembly (Think Differently)

Grade 3B Assembly (Be Confident)

Grade 7D Assembly (Strength of Unity)

Grade 3A Assembly (Cleanliness is next to Godliness)

Grade 7C Assembly (Attitude -Controls life)

Grade 4F Assembly (Social Media and Youth)

Grade UKG-D Assembly and Prize Distribution

Grade 7B Assembly Self-Assurance)

Grade 4E Assembly (Everyone is important and special)

Grade 7A Assembly (Perseverance)

Grade 11 Assembly (Integrity)

Grade 4D Assembly (Never Give Up)

Grade 4C Assembly (Wonders in Science)

Grade 8B Assembly (Gratitude)

Grade 9C Assembly (Namma Bengaluru)

Grade 4A Assembly (Tradition Vs. Modernity)

Grade 9B Assembly (I am because we are UBUNTU)

Class 9A Assembly (Omnipotent)

Class 10C Assembly (Benevolence)

Grade 10B Assmebly (Liberate Be A Leader)

Grade: 10A Assembly (World Environment Day)

Grade: 12 Assembly


Class Assemblies 2019-20

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